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If you weren't able to make it to this event, you can listen here: Picchione Lecture on Back Pain - audio file (MP3 format - time = 1:33:31)

Please find a copy of the event brochure here: Picchione Lecture on Back Pain - brochure

With generous support from the Picchione family and theDalhousie Medical Research Foundation(DMRF), the Picchione Lecture serves to engage public interest and understanding of the role of health research in delivering quality health care.

Led by a prominent keynote speaker dedicated to health advocacy and/or health research, each event focuses on a theme central to the keynote lecture, then carried over to a panel discussion featuring outstanding health researchers from Dalhousie University. The lecture and discussion (approximately 2 hours, total) is followed by a catered wine and cheese reception where people can continue the dialogue.

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