5 tips for first-time travel nurses

You’ve booked your first travel nursing assignment and are headed across the nation for another adventure in only a couple of brief weeks. Despite the fact that you have several years of nursing knowledge added to your repertoire, you don’t know what to anticipate.

Pack smart (and light)

Maybe you’ve seen pictures of companions stuffing a giant SUV or minivan loaded with boxes and bags when they’re headed to a travel nursing work. Try not to be that nurse. You’ll lament bringing all of your shoes and the case of your grandma’s china when you arrive in another town and have to unpack it without anyone else.

Most travel nursing assignments last 13 weeks, so consider what you’ll really require—and what you can live without—for that day and age. Rather than bringing a TV, put resources into a laptop and stream your favorite shows on the web. Pack versatile garments and shoes you can wear again and again, and go shopping for food when you’re settled in, rather than packing and transporting boxes of sustenance. There are a few necessities, for example, shower curtains, cleaning supplies and trash cans—you can purchase once you arrive, as well.

Interface with other travel nurses

It tends to be desolate living and working in an unfamiliar place without anyone else’s input, so make a few companions previously you even get to the area. Find other travel nurses who’ll be working there by joining a traveler Facebook gathering, for example, Travel Nursing: Lessons and Tips or Travel Nurse Network. You can ask questions, get advice from seasoned travelers and even discover recommendations for lodging and restaurants from individuals who’ve worked in the city you’re headed to. You may even locate a future roommate.

Make companions with your associates

One of the easiest ways to settle into your travel nursing assignment is to become acquainted with the doctors, nurses,and technicians you’ll work with and become companions with them. You can start by bringing everybody bagels and natural product for breakfast or leaving a thank-you note in a nurse’s locker when he or she’s been particularly useful. Ask them for their favorite hangout spots in the area, or welcome them to get espresso after a move. You may not coexist with everybody you work with, but rather having mutual regard will go far and make the assignment considerably easier.

Be in touch with your enrollment specialist as often as possible

In the event that and when you have an issue on your assignment, your scout ought to be the first to know. It’s a smart thought to check in with him or her once a week and immediately call or content on the off chance that you have an issue with your paycheck, timetable or lodging. Your selection representative can also enable you to discover a place for your next assignment or expand your contract at your present facility (on the off chance that you and the employing manager agree to that).

Imagine your temporary employment is a permanent one

Despite the fact that you’re working at a facility for less time than you would at a late spring temporary position, it’s important to treat your travel work as however, it’s the most important activity of your career. Contribute and help wherever you can, become acquainted with the leaders of the facility, volunteer occasionally to take a move nobody else wants and participate in gatherings and hospital ventures where you can. You’ll make a great impression, and your activity will be more meaningful because you’ve made a major distinction to patients and staff individuals.


Try not to sweat it! These tips can enable you to prepare for what’s ahead and give you what you need, a great nurse assignment once you settle in.

What’s Travel Nurse Employment Really Like?

There is a great need for travel nursing help right now as hospitals just don’t always carry enough nursing staff to get them through a slow day, never mind a busy one. Hospitals all over the country have missing nursing staff for one reason or another and it’s very important to get cover for these positions. Travel nurses can absolutely help fill these positions and ensure all patients get the care they require. However, what’s it really like to be employed as a travel nurse? click here for more info.

Assignment Duration

When it comes to being a travel nurse, you will be given assignments designated by your travel nursing agency and those will determine where you will work. However, the duration of the assignment can be essentially anything from four weeks to a year. That is one of the most unique parts of being employed as travel nurses. There are some hospitals that require nurses to remain for maternity cover and others that require far less cover, maybe less than a month. It varies but, in most cases, nurses are the ones who ultimately accept the job. Agencies can match up potential vacancies but if a nurse declines the assignment someone else will be asked to fill the role.What’s Travel Nurse Employment Really Like?

You’re going to be Traveling to Different Locations on a Fairly Regular Basis

In truth, you are going to be traveling to a variety of locations, depending on the jobs you’ve given, on a regular basis. Now, you might find that there are some locations within the country that are in higher demand and may have more vacancies available than others. However, what you also need to be aware of is that other nurses might request certain areas a very popular area to work in. Also, with travel nursing help, some hospitals want more experienced nurses than others. You are also going to have to have some reliable form of transport too. for further details, visit : https://nurse.org/articles/married-to-a-travel-nurse/

It’s tough to Pick up and Go When You’ve Remained in a Location for Several Months

It’s a little different if your assignments mostly last a few weeks at best as you don’t really settle anywhere but with longer assignments you can become attached. When you have been at a hospital or a location for several months—potentially up to a year—it can be difficult to just pick up and go as you’ve got roots there now. That’s the only real drawback of being a travel nurse. A lot of nurses end up putting down new roots and when their assignments are over, they have to go on the move again. It’s not always the easiest although it doesn’t bother everyone.

Understand What’s It’s like to Be a Travel Nurse

So many people don’t understand or realize the full extent of being a travel nurse. There are some who find moving from one place to the next is fantastic for them but others not so. When you know what’s involved you can make your mind up for yourself and see how you feel about it all. Being a travel nurse can be wonderful as so many hospitals need cover. Travel nursing help is in great need and it’s something you might want to look into, even for a short while.